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The topic of productivity has done several rounds across the internet and in bookstores. In my experience with many distractions that are readily available, like social media and web surfing, my productivity has suffered a great deal.

Since 2020, with lots of trial and error, whether I’m trying to finish up some work, assignments, or a crochet piece, I have realized that these five hacks help me focus.

Avoid Distractions

This tip has probably been mentioned over a million times by now, but it works. In my case, I find that turning off my notifications works — specifically, social media. I take the extra step of having my phone far from reach or leaving it in a different space entirely.

As for the laptop, I have muted my email notifications (the sound makes me super anxious, and I could write on this later). I have developed a habit of checking them periodically to avoid late replies.


I mean with music. Whether with instrumentals or lyrics, music provides an entertaining way of keeping your focus. Frustrated by poor focus, I came across Mind Amend on YouTube, which has an array of music for different purposes. I sometimes enter into a state of hyper-focus, and I feel good about myself at the end of the day.

Take Breaks

Your brain can only focus for so long, so taking a break is essential. Have you ever sat for hours on end on one thing because you keep spacing out?

Take a short walk or a short nap. Stepping away from whatever you’re working on can do wonders.

Just Start

Starting something can be daunting, and it’s easy to put it off for later, even if you know the deadline is approaching, and the pressure to complete the task is unpleasant. Borrowing from James Clear’s Atomic Habits, the 2-minute rule has helped me. Allowing myself to start for just 2–5 minutes has resulted in me accomplishing a lot more than I thought I would be able to.


Finally, relax. A tired mind and body are bad for productivity. Try to sleep early, try not to work overtime, and when on leave, go completely offline. I come back fresh to my work and am even inspired to do a good job when I do this.




I write, edit and crochet. I enjoy Minecraft, podcasts and my deep love for cats

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Mpenze Neema

Mpenze Neema

I write, edit and crochet. I enjoy Minecraft, podcasts and my deep love for cats

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